Surveying & Education: Ecological Consultancy in Coventry

Learn Ecology in Coventry is deidicated to promoting environmental awareness through what we do

Development processes and ecological practices are today closely linked, and it is crucial to the future of our ecosystems that the needs of local environments are taken into account. At Learn Ecology, we provide expert ecological consultancy for a range of needs, ensuring that your development projects are compliant and environmentally conscious.

Preliminary Ecological Surveys in Coventry

For any development project, a Preliminary Ecological Survey must be the first step. These surveys, carried out by experienced ecologists, provide a comprehensive range of information on the features and habitats of a development site. The survey includes:

  • Identification and mapping of habitats 
  • Species assessment 
  • Full mapping of habitats and features with photo documentation 
  • Detailed report on all our findings

Preliminary ecological surveys are vital to prevent your project from coming up against roadblocks and delays later on. A PEA will typically be a requirement for obtaining planning permission, so for a complete preliminary ecological survey in Coventry, get in touch with us. 


Bats: Survey & Assessment

Assessing your site’s suitability for bats is another important aspect of responsible development management, and our expert consultants in Coventry can cover all areas of bat surveying for developments.

Preliminary Roost Assessments

Though we can’t always see them, bats are all around us at night and in their roosts. All development projects must conduct preliminary roost assessments to ascertain the presence of bats in and around the site and the suitability of the site for them to roost. Our expert ecological consultants in Coventry can carry out surveys year-round to assess the suitability of your site for bat roosting.

Bat Emergence Survey

The second key element of bat assessment surveys is to be able to observe them during their active hours at night. For bat emergence surveys in Coventry, we can provide a comprehensive service that ensures your planning permission compliance and the protection of the many bat species which are so essential to our ecosystems. We ensure complete regulatory compliance, comprehensive data collection based on industry-standard methodologies, as well as strategic migration solutions.

Ecological Education & Consultancy

Our mission, above all, is to provide our ecological expertise to as wide an audience as we can. As part of our commitment to the future of our ecosystems, we offer broad-ranging ecological education to people of all ages. From kids at school to university students and beyond, we can provide class activities, survey experiences, and more around Coventry.

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To discuss any of our ecological surveying services in Coventry, get in touch today to find out more. The future biodiversity of our communities relies on the continued dedication and responsibility of everyone, and with our expert consultancy, you can guarantee nothing will be missed. Call us today. 

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