Preliminary Roost Assessment Survey in Southam

At Learn Ecology, we introduce you to our vast ecological consultancy services in Southam and its surrounding areas. We specialise in comprehensive nature studies, including a crucial service known as the Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA) or Bat Scoping Survey, which serves as the first step in the bat survey process. Preliminary roost assessments are undertaken on development sites to assess an area for its suitability for bats to roost, forage and commute.

How Are Preliminary Roost Assessments Undertaken?

A PRA plays a pivotal role in accommodating roosting bats and furnishing the local council's planning department with crucial evidence to support planning applications. It involves an in-depth internal and external inspection of a site, identifying potential bat roosts across various features such as buildings, tree lines, and hedgerows.

Bats possess a remarkable ability to occupy diverse roosting sites, sometimes going unnoticed in structures like hanging tiles, weatherboarding, or even wind turbines. Being mindful of their presence is crucial as disturbing bats or their roosts is legally prohibited under wildlife protection laws.

Conserving Bat Roosts in Warwickshire

Unlike certain bat surveys limited to specific seasons, our Preliminary Roost Assessments can be conducted at any time of the year. This initial assessment helps our experts at ecology in Southam determine whether further surveys like Bat Activity Surveys are necessary to ascertain the presence and activity of bats on the site.

Understanding the significance of our bat surveys is vital, especially due to stringent wildlife protection laws. Bats are protected under various wildlife acts, making it illegal to disturb, injure, capture, or destroy their roosts. Our services adhere strictly to these regulations, ensuring ethical and lawful practices in all our ecological surveys.

Dedicated Ecology Consultancy

If a bat roost needs to be mitigated due to development requirements, our ecology consultancy in Southam can assist in obtaining the necessary permits and licences from regulatory bodies such as Natural England or Natural Resources Wales.

At Learn Ecology, our dedication to environmental conservation in Southam and the neighbouring areas is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to upholding the laws protecting wildlife while supporting sustainable development through our ecological consultancy services.


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