Top Ecological Consultants: Surveying & Assessments in Rugby

Protecting biodiversity and natural habitats is more crucial now than ever

At Learn Ecology, we understand the difficulties posed by balancing both the priorities of property development and protecting natural landscapes. If you are a developer, architect, or landowner in Rugby, we can provide full ecological services for you, including assessments, surveys, and consultancy.

Preliminary Ecological Surveys in Rugby

When beginning any development project, ecological impact should be one of the first things to consider. We have the expertise needed to conduct a full assessment of your site to identify features like plant or animal species which may later pose difficulties in the development process. Our team possesses the breadth of knowledge to help you get the most out of your investment in Rugby and ensure that development is not hindered in any way–while also helping you to understand the ecological impact a project can have.

Bat Surveys & Assessments

Preliminary Roost Assessment

Though many of us may not even be aware of the bats flying around our homes and properties each night, development projects must take them into account before work can begin. As an ecological consultancy service in Rugby, we specialise in both preliminary roost assessments and bat emergence surveys. Disturbing bats or their roosts is legally prohibited, so you must have a full understanding of the suitability for bat roosts in and around your site.

Bat Emergence Survey

Bat emergence surveys aim to capture the bats’ behaviour at night, seeing how they use the habitat and what the local population looks like. By carrying these surveys out right from the start, you avoid unexpected hindrances further down the road. We ensure full regulatory compliance as well as industry standard methodologies for data collection, giving you the complete picture. We will work to advise you on questions of ecological best practice, giving practical advice on mitigation strategies.

Education With Learn Ecology

The future of our precious wild habitats and biodiversity will rely on passionate, engaging education. At Learn Ecology, we make ecological surveys and assessments more than just our business. We offer a variety of educational experiences in Rugby for all levels and ages, to help us all have a better understanding of the natural world on our doorsteps. We are committed experts and we want to share our knowledge with everyone, from early years to university students and beyond.

Get in Touch

Our ecological surveys in Rugby are ultimately about two things: protecting our natural landscape and ensuring the smoothest possible development process for you. With our knowledge, expertise, and experience, we can ensure that your development avoids major disruptions due to collisions with wildlife protection legislation and ensure the best future for our biodiversity. With any questions or to arrange our services, get in touch today.